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The process of cleaning fabrics without water. Carefully selected solvents and soaps are used so we do not harm fabrics and dyes that would not withstand the effects of ordinary soap and water.

Dry cleaning is thought to have began in France in the 19th century. At first it was all done by hand but with the onset of specialized machinery it has become a more mechanised process.

In the UK, we tend to use chlorinated hydrocarbon synthetic solvents, such as perchlorethylene.  These are environmentally safe when handled correctly and our staff are all suitably trained.

The process for dry cleaning ordinary fabrics is to place them in our specialised machines where they are treated with the correct chemicals for the type of stain and material.

They are then usually air dried by our machines, the exception being delicate fabrics which may be specially treated by hand only. Unusual stains are given an expert test to determine the proper solvent and special stain removers to use.

The cleansing fluids are reclaimed and used again in line with our environmental policies.

We are experts in this field, with 20 years in the business and a flair for personal service.

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